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Three bedroom classic

Three Bedroom Classic

      A classic according to encarta dictionary mean something that is fashionable and elegant, usually because of simplicity and restraint in style. This is the reason why you have this plan tag with the word classic.
       This three bedroom classic is not complex but simple and elegant because of its roofing style and it shape and it is a type of plan you can consider if you are are looking for something fashionable.
              It has three bedroom, three toilet (two private and one general), a foyer, kitchen, dinning hall, store, living room, a verandah and balcony.


  • Bedroom: Three bedroom
  • bathroom: two private and one general toilet
  • Living area: single Main living
  • Dinning : casual
  • Foyer: one
  • Garage: none
  • Bonus room :none
  • Out door living : verandah and balcony
  • Ceiling height :  9'
  • Width x depth : 47'x 44'

Foundation details

  1. Concrete
    • Cement :35 bags of cement
    • Sharp sand : 140 head pan of sharp sand
    • Gravel : 280 head pan of gravel
  2. Block  : 
  • Exterior :458 units of block
  • Interior : 500  units of block

Level break down

  •  Exterior wall : 1119 units of block
  • Interior wall : 1396 units of block

Roof details

  • Ridge cap : 152''
  • 4x8' roof sheet : 76 counts
  • Down spout : 12
  •  1"x 8" Gable fascial : 63'
  •  1"x 8" Eaves fascial  : 176'
Note that these estimate are  70% accurate.
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