Friday, 19 August 2016

Three,Two and one bedroom Plan

  Three, two and one bedroom bungalow

            This particular plan will leave your mouth open as i give you simple plan that is also complex, i mean the one your money can afford.
             This particular plan has an apartment of three bedroom, a room self-contain and also two bedroom bungalow attached together. You just have to sit down and follow me as i analyze it.

           Three bedroom bungalow:

On this plan it has three bedroom, a foyer,dinning room,kitchen e.t.c

 A room self-contain:

On this self-contain, it has one parlour, one bedroom, kitchen and a single toilet

 Two bedroom bungalow:

On this plan we have two room, a single living area, a kitchen, dinning, toilets store e.t.c


  • Bedroom: six bedroom
  • bathroom: six (three private and three general)
  • Living area: two and halve
  • Dinning : two casual
  • Foyer: one
  • Garage: none
  • Bonus room :none
  • Out door living : three verandah and two balcony
  • Ceiling height :  9',8'
  • Width x depth : 54' 6"x 96' 3".
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