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          Two bedroom bungalow or flat is a simple or mansion that come with two main bedroom, a single kitchen, a dinning, a store ( optional), a garage (optional ), a big or small living area, a foyer or waiting room (optional), out door living(porch, verandah, sit-out, balcony e.t.c) and at least a single toilet or double or even more provided one can afford it. It sometime come with library, studio laundry

        Two bedroom flat is not a bad one, in fact to many it is the type of plan they love to have because of its simplicity or sometimes because it does not consume much of lot size for those that are having a very small portion of land and planning to erect something portable on it.
        This particular plan though is two bedroom but that does not make it to be that smart because it came with a garage and also a very small foyer in case you are the type that love to have waiting room as many call it on your plan.
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As you can see it above, though it came with garage it can still be said that it is portable.
It came with two well ventilated and portable bedroom
a well ventilated kitchen

Let us continue with the analysis of the whole plan


  • Bedroom: two
  • Bathroom: two
  • Ceiling height: 8' 9"
  • Dinning: casual
  • Living Area: Main living, Foyer
  • Garage: one car
  • Bonus room : none
  • Out door area: entrance and balcony
  • Width x depth: 40' 3" x 47' 6"

Foundation break down

  • Concrete
  1. cement : 33 bags of cement
  2. 132 head pan of sharp sand
  3. 264 head pan of gravel
  • Block
  1. External: 468 units of block
  2. Internal: 440 units of block

Level break down

Exterior  + interior wall  = 2064 units of block

Roofing detail

  •  Ridge cap : 47'
  • Hip ridge cap : 173'
  • 4'x8' roof sheathing: 67 unit.
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