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This is the question many prospective house owner fail to ask and ofter affect them in many ways.
You just have to follow this post to the end so as to gain from it before consulting your architect or home planner for further enquiry.


We have different factors that is needed to be considered before the final house plan could be finalized. Below are factors or requirement for home planning
  • Home size and cost
  • Lot size
  • Life style
  • Rooms
  • Layout and style
  • Completion

Home size and cost

       Home size is a very import factor that one need to put into consideration when making plan for new home. One need to consider this factor because it is the major key to achieving one's dream of building house. If one fail to put size of dream home into consideration, it may latter lead to the cancellation of the project temporarily or permanently. We have different factors to consider before the final home size could be determine. These factors are in form of question and they are  as given below
  1. Family size, big or small ?
  2. Are you alone or with your family?
  3. Expansion: Is your family liable to expansion or not, i mean are you just married or you are grown and not even planning of having new wive or child
  4. Number of wives: Do you have more than one wive and planning to build a single house to accommodate all under a single roof or layout?
  5. Place of work: is your home also place of work? then office or store may be consider
  6. Weather: Are you planning to build your house in temperate or hot region
  7. How much can you afford?                                                                                                                    

Lot size

Lot of size or area of your plot of land is very important and it is the most important factor that determine how your floor plan and landscape will actually look

Life style

Life style of prospective home owner can not be underestimate because it also determine the shape and pattern  for the final house plan.A particular individual may be the type that like clubbing and love to have like big bar or even a mini club and also a lover of sport may wish to have mini gym or indoor sport hall. A particular individual that is more religion can decide to have small portion of his home as place of worship, making the plan to be a bit bigger than normal and also one may decide to put more than one garage on plan, and these are things one need to put into consideration


Sizes of bedrooms, living room, dining, kitchen and others need also to put into consideration. A particular individual may have passion for big rooms while another person may dislike bigger rooms so one need to actually work on this.


layout of the intended landscape need also to be put into consideration


Style or shape of home plan is another area that need to be given priority to when planning for a new home

Completion & Cost

Time of likely of completion of a particular project need to be given extra consideration.
Somebody with low capital income and need a home urgently should not go for something bigger but rather something that is not capital intensive and is likely to be complete on time.

Thanks for taking your time to go through this. Hope it has been helpful?. Having any question or suggestion? will receive your mail


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