Monday, 14 March 2016

Three bedroom

Three bodroom
With about 2500 unit of block you can put something smart and portable on a plot of land.
but problems with many people is the fact they always want to do what there mate are doing without considering their pocket first.
         As i have said earlier with just 2500 unit of block you can build a moderate three bedroom duplex on a plot of land.
          Something i have noticed over  years is that a carpenter or even a bricklayer ( or artisan in general) use to build there own house while thier counterpart in government parastater use to rent house for a long time due to the fact that they always want something magnificent. Below is a three bedroom flat with foyer that you can build without wasting much money and time

and also below are  the links to the pdf of this plan in case you need it 
and also 
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