Saturday, 13 August 2016

Three bedroom en suite

               Three bedroom en suite

   En suite room according to most of dictionary mean a room that is big and has its own toilet and every other necessary quality. This particular house plan has every quality that make it to be called
 or named as en suit.
                This three bedroom house plan is not a complex and can not also be said to be a simple one.It has a simple roof that match the colour of simple brick used for the construction as you  can see below 

        and also

About the plan

                     It has three bedroom,four toilet, a foyer,a laundry, inverter house kitchen, dinning hall, store, living room, a porch and balcony.


  • Bedroom: Three bedroom
  • bathroom: Three private and one general toilet
  • Living area: single Main living
  • Dinning : casual
  • Foyer: none
  • Garage: none
  • Bonus room :inverter house and laundry
  • Out door living : porch and balcony
  • Ceiling height :  9'
  • Width x depth : 32' 3"x 63' 6".
download links below
            ensuit 1
            ensuit 2 
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