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Three bedroom bungalow

 What is a bungalow

                  A bungalow is small house or cottage usually having a single story. It always contain at least a living area, a room, dinning, kitchen, store(if necessary), Porch( entrance and exits), a toilet ( water closet and shower).It may also have library, foyer, a bar, laundry, studio and even garage provide it is up to one's taste and it is avoidable .
                Also a bungalow is a type of building, originally from Bengal region in South Asia, but now found throughout the world. Across the world, the meaning of the word bungalow varies. Common features of many bungalows include verandas and being low-rise. In Australia, the California bungalow was popular after the First World War. In North America and the United Kingdom a bungalow today is a residential building, normally detached, which is either single-story or has a second story built into a sloping roof, usually with dormer windows (one-and-a-half stories)[a]
              Three bedroom  house plan from history seems to be the most commonest preferred house plan be it bungalow or duplex, the reason for this differ but people always arrive at the same answer, i mean three bedroom bungalow. Some people may decide to have two room down and one room up (duplex) , while some prefer to build all on a ground level (bungalow) which help to reduce cost.
             The term originated in India, deriving from the Gujarati બંગલો baṅgalo, meaning "Bengali" and used elliptically for a "house in the Bengal style".This Asian architectural form and design originated in the countryside of Bengal region in South Asia. Such houses were traditionally small, only one storey and detached, and had a wide veranda. The term was first found in English from 1696, where it was used to describe "bungales or hovells" in India for English sailors of the East India Company. Later it became used for the spacious homes or official lodgings of officials of the British Raj, and was so known in Britain and later America, where it initially had high status and exotic connotations, and began to be used in the late 19th century for large country or suburban houses built in an Arts and Crafts or other Western vernacular style—essentially as large cottages, a term also sometimes used. Later developers began to use the term for smaller houses.[b]
               This particular plan is a three bedroom bungalow plan with two car garage, kitchen, dinning, Main living,a store, verandah, kitchen, two toilet (water closet and shower).
                                                            orthogonal view


  • Bedroom: three bedroom
  • bathroom: one private and one general toilet
  • Living area: single Main living
  • Dinning : casual
  • Garage:two car
  • Bonus room :none
  • Out door living : verandah and balcony
  • Ceiling height :  9'
  • Width x depth : 52'- 9" x 35'- 6"

Foundation details

  1. Concrete
    • Cement :281/2 bags of cement
    • Sharp sand : 114 head pan of sharp sand
    • Gravel : 229 head pan of gravel
  2. Block  : 
  • Exterior : 470 units of block
  • Interior : 425  units of block

Level break down

  •  Exterior wall 1000 units of block
  • Interior wall : 1025 units of block

Roof details

  • Ridge cap : 39'
  • Hip ridge cap : 164'
  • 4x8' roof sheet : 66 counts
  • Down spout : 18
Note that these estimate are +/- 5% accurate.
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